(scoffing) plate tectonics;
hi, i'm bobbie. i live in nz and i'm twenty and i make gifs sometimes and if you can name a tv show i probably like it and i ramble loads and this is not an improvement on my last description at all.

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my laptop keys are startin to stick but like it changes like it used to be the k now it’s the f like………. laptop……… i think ur illness is psychosomatic

#i want a new one so bad so i can take notes on it at uni #my hand is truly suffering yesterday was so intense #3 straight hours of handwritten notes is too much for one woman

i have my first test of the semester at 10am tomorrow what a fun first week

#like........... my textbook hasn't even arrived yet i wasn't prepared for doing work so early

Watch these bozos on @atmidnightcc as an appetizer to the premiere of @meltdown_show tonight!


Watch these bozos on @atmidnightcc as an appetizer to the premiere of @meltdown_show tonight!

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i miss being a girl guide and forgetting to sell all the chocolate and then having to buy all the chocolate and in turn eat all the chocolate

i just watched divergent and al and will literally looked identical

#i'm still reading allegiant ngl i'm getting a little tired of the YA-ness of it

"Look, I need you to read and sign the employee manual. Details a lot of the workplace policies. One of them is, um, proper workplace attire."

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The Fall (2006)

A little blessing in disguise

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i wish i was mary poppins

#i wanna do that thing where she jumps and spins during step in time and all the chimney sweeps are like 'ello 'ello 'ello
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BotFA first poster x

BotFA first poster x

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