(scoffing) plate tectonics;
hi, i'm bobbie. i live in nz and i'm twenty and i make gifs sometimes and if you can name a tv show i probably like it and i ramble loads and this is not an improvement on my last description at all.

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i just finished the moth diaries apparently it is a movie i don’t know if i should watch it maybe i should just leave it be i really liked the book

#the trailer makes it look like quite a boring horror movie #that shot with the trunk/coffin was quite creepy and cool tho idk i have mixed feelings idk what to do

10-11/20 Jamie Bell

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"maybe a vampire is just someone who wants to take over someone else, to see their reflection not in a mirror but in another person’s face."
- the moth diaries
#quotes #ok i was reading this book on the bus today and i love it #i haven't quite finished it yet #why am i such a sucker for media where the lines between dreams/hallucinations and reality are blurred #WHEN WE KNOW NOTHING WE'RE ENTITLED TO INVENT
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